MICT-networkMICT  LAN and WAN network engineering services include:

  • WAN acceleration and optimisation
  • VoIP or video conferencing
  • assessing your future bandwidth and remote access demands
  • selecting, installing and implementing hardware and software
  • network administration and monitoring
  • setting up wireless LAN servers
  • laying out and connecting network cables
  • website hosting and mail server configuration and back-up
  • CCTV security monitoring and structured network cabling

MICT-computer-servicesWe also supervise your IT network administrator to create internal and external networks using the proper router security settings – to help protect all the computers that connect to your network. We can set up your LAN and IP WAN networks on all major network protocols including:

NBN, ADSL, ISDN, Wireless, 3G, 4G, WIFI,  and  VPN


Cabling License # : T33243
Security Provider License # : 3560410