For Windows PC and Apple Macs

MICT-computer-servicesHome or Office on site services

  • Hardware or software failure?
  • Computer running slow or crashing?
  • Accidently deleted your data?
  • Or do you have a virus?

Rest easy. MICT have trained and experienced experts that can fix and service any problem, on any desktop computer, at any time.

We understand how disruptive and frustrating, a computer breakdown can be – and how important it is to get you and your computer back online and on track.

We have flat rate pricing for all our computer services unless stated otherwise. Just call MICT on 0438059052 for quality computer service and care that you can depend on.

Computer Check-up

Home or Office

If you are experiencing computer problems, it may be the result of a number of reasons. Our first step is to run a diagnostic. We will check for the cause of any problems with your computer’s hardware or software. We will give you a free, no obligation quote and an estimate on the time required to complete repairs. And if you drop off your computer to the MICT service centre, diagnostics are free!

Virus Removal

If your computer is running slow, MICT can get it running up to speed.

We perform a performance enhancement service (e.g. defragmenting the hard drive and excess temp. file removal) with the add-on option of a  basic virus removal. No changes are made which include your Windows/Mac programs and settings – just the tune up.

MICT-data-securityWindows and Security Updates

Hardware Upgrades

Wipe and reload

In situations requiring extreme virus and malware  removal, we can wipe your hard drive and start from scratch.

Before the wipe, all your data is backed up and restored during the new set up process. A performance enhancement service is also performed. All problems with the operating system are fixed. And in most cases, you computer will function as new. Remember the superfast boot up you used to have?

MICT fully respect your privacy and the confidentiality of our service agreement. We understand the sensitivity of personal and business data. Your data files and folders are backed up temporarily yet securely. They are never opened and promptly wiped – after data restoration is successful. You may provide your own back up device (such as an external hard drive) if you prefer

To reload existing software, the Install discs or .exe files  for the application/s may be required by our tech service team.

Data Transfer

When it is time to upgrade or change your hardware, you also have to copy data from one computer to another. MICT ensures a seamless transfer including the removal of any viruses embedded in your data. Your data is clean and safe.

Data transfers are a stand-alone service. However, if included with a new system service or re-installation, then the cost is reduced.

MICT-Data-recoveryData Recovery (Software based)

In the event of deleted files, partition loss and similar events, MICT can retrieve and extract lost data in most cases. We can scan your hard drive and recover the data to an external device or format, such as another computer or a disc.

Data Recovery (Hardware based)

In the extreme event of a complete system failure when your hard drive has sustained serious physical damage (e.g. burnt-out components or water damage), MICT can bring your data back from the dead.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the recovery process can take up to a month to complete. So don’t hold your breath. The recovery costs will also be subject to a custom quote. This quote is based on the complexity of the data recovery process involved. But if there is any data still intact, MICT will find and recover it to an external device or format.

Hardware Cleaning and Repair

Computer Service delivery options

Whether you are at home or business, MICT provide a few options to make your computer repair an easy and convenient experience. We can arrange to access your computer in a way that suits your schedule, location and ability to transport your computer.  They include:

  • Drop off

–  You can simply drop off your PC or Mac to our MICT Service Centre at 157 Beenleigh Road, Sunnybank. We provide free diagnostics during business hours for drop offs.

  • On-site or pickup/drop off

–  For on-site or pickup/drop off services, please call us on  0438 059 052 for emergencies & we can come to you. We charge a small call-out and diagnostic fee that will go towards your service costs –  if you proceed with the repair. Dead laptops may also attract this fee.